Warm Greetings from from Amref Health Africa! Through the “Friday Forward” Message, you have indeed become the champion of our organizational culture change for almost the last one year since I started forwarding the message to the whole staff every Friday.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I am one of millions cheering you on. Every, single, week-your Friday forward blogs are exceptionally well written and always bring great value. I admire you and all that you are doing in this world! Perhaps someday our paths will cross. I am admirer from Arkansas cheering you on. Your values, ethics, maturity of thought, and strength of personhood come through strongly in everything you write. Keep writing and keep going!

Adelaide, Arkansas

I have neglected to tell you how much your weekly Friday Forward e-mails mean to me. They have motivated me through some dark days, encouraged me to the finish line on projects, made me stop and reflect, and just smile and sometimes laugh out loud. But they always impact me. A simple thank you doesn’t seem adequate for the gift you give to me… and so many… but thank you.

Keith, Washington DC

I’m going thru a rough patch right now with hiring and managing a large team. Somehow reading this right now and other articles you linked has moved me to tears.

Being an entrepreneur is SO hard sometimes. Your writing gave me the strength I needed during this hard time to know that I’ll be okay. And it also reminded me to get back to my personal development roots.

I just wanted to say Thank YOU! You’re making a bigger impact than you likely realize. I’m so inspired and moved.

Tina, Los Angeles


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